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Trades Hall backs Fair Jobs Code
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Trades Hall backs Fair Jobs Code

Victorian Trades Hall Council welcomes the Andrews Government’s launch of the Fair Jobs Code, ensuring that any business seeking to benefit from government contracts will provide good jobs to Victorians.  


Under the Code, an adverse ruling against a business will make that business ineligible for large government contracts.  


Businesses with a record of mistreating workers, stealing wages, or making workers unsafe won’t be eligible for Government contracts worth over $3 million, subcontracts over $10million, or expansion grants of over $500,000. Businesses will also be encouraged to take steps towards workplace equity and diversity.  


The Code will encourage businesses to recognise the importance of treating workers fairly by providing a commercial incentive to ensure good employment and workplace practices.  


Significantly, businesses with a record of worker exploitation will no longer enjoy a competitive advantage over ethical businesses by under-cutting minimum legal conditions.  


Quotes attributable, Luke Hilakari, Secretary Victorian Trades Hall Council 


“Victoria’s public funds should support good, secure jobs in safe workplaces.” 


“It is reasonable for Victorians to expect that taxpayer money is supporting only businesses that comply with the law. Victorians don’t want our public infrastructure built on wage theft. We don’t want government services built on exploitation.” 


“Unions know of a few businesses that are repeat offenders, that are known to operate unsafe workplaces or abuse their workers. Those are not the type of businesses that anyone wants to see benefiting from Government spending.” 


“Government procurement should not be driving a race to the bottom on job security, wages and conditions. That’s not what Government should be about.”  


“The cheapest contract is often not the best contract for Victorians” 


“We look forward to continuing to work with the Andrews Government to ensure the code is a success.”