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We Are Union VTHC
Take Action Together
We are union women. Together we win legislative and social change, and make workplaces safe for Victorian women. We deserve the right to a safe and equal work environment, free from discrimination and harassment. Join us as we work towards a future where women are safe, respected and equal. We take action! We have a long and proud history of fighting for change. From the tailoresses who went on strike for fair pay in the 1880's, to the union sisters who chained themselves to buildings to demand equal pay in the 60’s and 70’s and the women who won family and domestic violence leave as a universal workplace right in 2022, it's union women across our movement who've demanded change. We know what it’s like to fight. Together, we’ve stood up as union members to win better wages and working conditions. We know what it means to back each other up. Join us as we Organise for Equality. Together, we fight for: Safety: An end to discrimination, sexual harassment and gender based violence at work An end to non-disclosure agreements that silence victim-survivors Support for women to step up and become delegates, HSRs and leaders in their workplaces Assistance for victims of domestic and family violence to stay in work Respect: Universal, fully funded, high quality early childhood education and care provided by fairly compensated, respected early childhood educators Fully funded 3 and 4 year old kinder programs Fair and equal paid parental leave and measures to support the shared care of children Family friendly workplaces Removal of barriers and the provision of targeted support for women - especially from marginalised communities - to work Equality: Pay equity for every woman across every workplace and industry An end to superannuation inequality and end to women facing poverty in retirement Reinstatement...
We put workers and their unions at the centre of the task of building a sustainable Victoria and Australia, with policy ideas to advance the transition to a socially just and sustainable society
The VTHC is the peak body representing affiliated Unions in Victoria. The VTHC represents workers and affiliated unions in a wide range of forums. It also provides information and advice in employment related matters, including health and safety and workers' compensation.
Megaphone is a platform for progressive campaigns. Create a petition, connect with decision makers, mobilise your supporters and so much more. We help working people win.
We think of an apprenticeship as making a start in a trade or industry you love – setting you on the path to a rewarding career. But these days, apprenticeships can be like the wild-west, with cowboy operators using and abusing apprentices, stealing their wages, and denying them proper training. Worst of all, many apprentices are put into dangerous situations without supervision, putting lives at risk.
All over Victoria, union activists are campaigning in their local communities. We campaign for jobs with justice, awesome public health & aged care, better-resourced education and training, and a fair society where every person is respected