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March 24, 2022

The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) has joined the Victorian union movement’s efforts to safeguard the John Curtin Hotel by nominating the historic pub for protection in the Victorian Heritage Register. Unionists and music lovers are concerned that the historic pub could be lost forever if sold to property developers.

November 04, 2021

From today, employers in Victoria who deliberately underpay wages or other entitlements like superannuation could face substantial fines or up to 10 years’ jail. This is a huge, worker-led victory. Union members campaigned together to make wage theft a crime to bring justice and change to exploited workers. Until now, an employee stealing from the till was a criminal matter, but an employer stealing thousands from their employees was merely an administrative error. The worker could be charged by police for theft and could receive a criminal record - but the boss would simply be asked to repay what they stole.