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We Are Union VTHC
Union Assist

Challenging a decision

If you are unhappy with the decision made about your WorkCover claim by your employer or the WorkCover insurance company contact your union for a referral or Union Assist.

Union Assist will help with all the paperwork needed to get your dispute to conciliation.

Dispute arises i.e. termination of entitlement; rejection of claim; or failure to respond
Request for Conciliation (RFC) completed and sent to Union Assist. Union Assist can help you complete the RFC if you have trouble with it. Union Assist will also obtain a referral from your union.
RFC lodged with ACCS (Accident Compensation Conciliation Service)
Once your matter has been allocated to a Conciliation Officer at ACCS a conference will be arranged. You, as well as Union Assist, will be notified of this date/time.
A Union Assist Advisor will contact you. We will outline the process of the conference, and set up a meeting with you on the day of the conference to discuss any outstanding issues regarding your dispute.

What types of outcomes are there from Conciliation?

Have you received a letter or a phone call from the insurer where they use technical jargon that you are unsure of? Refer to our Handy Abbreviations / Terminology section for some assistance.