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YES! Voice to Parliament

YES! An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament

The Victorian trade union movement supports the campaign for a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

Every worker in Australia deserves a say over the issues that affect us.

As unionists, we believe that all workers and all people deserve to be consulted about changes in the workplace and in society that affect us - and that by speaking up collectively we can make change that benefits us all.

But right now, the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are not heard in our parliament. Too often, politicians make policies that are not sensitive to the lived experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and do not work as intended - because the people impacted by those policies aren't adequately consulted.

The Voice to Parliament is a natural reflection of this principle of union values of consultation and collective voice. Enshrining a Voice to the constitution will enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to provide advice to the Parliament on policies and projects that impact their lives. 

So as unionists, we are proud to stand in solidarity with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters in demanding this change. 

Every Australian deserves a genuine voice in our parliament on the issues that affect us - no exceptions. Together we can create a future where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities determine our own policy solutions and our own outcomes. 

This campaign has more events coming soon. Check here for all other events