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These resources are here for you to help you continue challenging gendered violence in the workplace. We have compiled them so you can grow your knowledge and deepen your understanding of gendered violence.

This site belongs to you and all unionists. We want this to be a continually growing resource.

Send us an email with anything you have found helpful, like videos, reports, cartoons and posters: [email protected]

And don’t forget to keep sharing your stories with us! Together we can stop gendered violence at work!

• Managing coronavirus (COVID-19) risks: Mental health at work

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic can cause heightened anxiety and stress for employees. This WorkSafe Victoria guidance provides information about employer’s responsibility to support workers and control risks to employees’ psychological health associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

• Responding to family violence when employees work from home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

This WorkSafe Victoria guidance provides information to help workers, HSRs and workers understand employer duties to respond to family violence during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

• When Home Becomes the Workplace: Family Violence as a Workplace Issue during Covid19

A short guide looking at employer obligations and how to support workers experiencing family violence and working from home.

• WorkSafe Guidance - Minimising the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19): Working from home

Information about you health and safety including employer responsibilities when working from home. Working from home risk assessments should include assessing risks associated with gendered violence, family violence, and workplace stress including caring for children.

Women’s Rights at Work (WRAW) Chat in the Time of Covid19

Although we're 'all in this together' not everyone's situation is equal. We know that women workers are unfairly impacted by existing workplace and societal structures and stereotypes, so it's unsurprising that the current Covid19 pandemic has exacerbated these existing inequalities and created new ones. Tell us how Covid19 is impacting your work and home life by taking the short WRAW Chat survey.

• WorkSafe - A Guide for Employers: Work-related gendered violence including sexual harassment

WorkSafe guidance outlining workers rights around workplace gendered violence including sexual harassment.

• Safe and Respectful Workplaces: Stop Gendered Violence at Work Victorian Trades Hall Council Model Clause

This is a model enterprise agreement clause that can be used to negotiate new workplace rights and strategies for preventing and responding to workplace gendered violence including sexual harassment.

• Gendered Violence Enterprise Agreement Clause - Chemist Warehouse Agreement: Negotiated by National Union of Workers (now known as United Workers Union) 2019

• Family Violence Victorian Trades Hall Council Model Clause

This model enterprise agreement clause can be used in enterprise bargaining negotiate family violence leave into Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.

• How to support people experiencing gendered violence including sexual harassment at work

• End Divide Through Pride: A Resource For Workers, Unions and Employers

This resource provides information and tools to assist workers, unions and employers to make their workplaces safe and inclusive for all workers specifically focusing on LGBTIQ+ workers.

• International Labour Organisation Convention Concerning the Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the World of Work

A groundbreaking new ILO Convention (no. 190) and Recommendation (no. 206) recognising the right of every worker to a world of work free from violence and harassment, including gender-based violence and harassment, was overwhelmingly adopted on 21 June 2019. If ratified, the instruments will place clear obligations on governments and employers to take proactive steps to prevent violence and harassment in the world of work, recognising the need to move away from reliance on a reactive, individualistic complaints model towards a systemic, collective solution.

• Know Your Rights at Work

A flyer for working women covering basic workplace rights and where to seek advice and support.

• We Are Union OHS Reps - Gendered Violence including Sexual Harassment

Useful information for Occupational Health and Safety Reps in the workplace.

• Gendered Violence Risk Assessment Tool: Work Environment
• Gendered Violence Risk Assessment Tool: Work Design

Gendered violence risk assessment tools for workplace occupational health and safety reps. Use this tool to identify and control risks in your workplace that may increase the likelihood of gendered violence occurring.

• Gendered Violence at Work Presentation

A basic introductory presentation to gendered violence at work which covers the definition of gendered violence, its impact and broad steps that need to be taken in order to create safe and respectful workplaces.

• Safe Respectful Workplaces Training for Unions

An outline of the Safe and Respectful Workplaces training that the Victorian Trades Hall Council offers to unions. We are able to tailor training packages to your union’s needs. Please contact us if you have an questions or would like to discuss training options.

• Safe Respectful Workplaces Training for Organisations

An outline of the Safe and Respectful Workplaces training that Victorian Trades Hall Council offers to workplaces and organisations. We are able to tailor training packages to your organisation’s needs. Please contact us if you have an questions or would like to discuss training options.

• Triangle Worksheet

The Triangle worksheet shows how gendered in the workplace feeds into broader cultures of disrespect and violence in society and vice versa. The triangle tool can be used to identify incidents of gendered violence, the underlying cultural and structural causes or drivers of gendered violence, and the impact of gendered violence on the person experiencing the violence, the perpetrator/s, and others in the workplace.

• Union Action For Change worksheet

The Union Action for Change worksheet helps you work through how you can help change inequitable processes, systems, policies and cultures in your workplaces. This sheet also prompts you to suggest some measures for how you’ll know these things have changed.

• Union Privilege Shuffle

The union privilege shuffle can be used to explore the concept of intersectionality. The activity prompts reflection on the way power, privilege and oppression overlap and shift within workplace and social systems and structures. The activity helps us recognise that sometimes the concept of ‘merit’ can be pretty nebulous and that there are other factors that can contribute to someone’s perceived ‘success’ at work and more generally.

• Homework worksheet

The Homework worksheet prompts you to think about the way things used to be - that could be before the Union had a presence in your workplace or back when you first started in the workforce. How have things changed? And why have they changed?

• Trainer Safety Principles

A useful guide for ensuring the safety of trainers and participants when delivering gendered violence training.

Ending workplace sexual harassment is about everyone working together and sharing resources. We don’t have all the answers, but collectively we can challenge workplaces and cultures that perpetual sexual harassment.

• VEOHRC Sexual Harassment Regulation Map

This table is designed to give employers a snapshot of three key regulatory schemes that are relevant to employers’ obligations and responsibilities to prevent and respond to workplace sexual harassment. It is not an exhaustive summary of the components of each scheme and is not intended to stand in place of industrial advice.

Quick Guide: Equal Opportunity Act 2010

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission has developed this short introduction to the Equal Opportunity Act and how it applies to you.

Preventing and Responding to Workplace Sexual Harassment: A Quick Guide for Employers

This Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission document provides an overview of their best practice framework for preventing and responding to sexual harassment in the workplace, including tips for handling complaints safely and effectively.

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission - Raise It!

Raise it! is a pilot project designed to support and equip Victorian workers to have safe conversations about sexual harassment and workplace equality.

VicHealth (En)countering Resistance: Strategies to Respond to Resistance to Gender Equality Initiatives

This resource draws together some effective tools and strategies to prepare for and respond to backlash and resistance to gender equality initiatives including gendered violence training. It’s intended to support the people working for gender equality in a range of sectors – education, sport, workplace, local government, health and media.

Women’s Health Victoria - Working with Workplaces

The Working with Workplaces report explains how by- and up-standers can take action in workplaces when they witness sexual harassment.

Australian Human Rights Commission - sexual harassment in the workplace survey 2018

The Australian Human Rights Commission survey shows the prevalence of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces - 85% of Australian women and 56% of Australian men have been sexually harassed at some point in their lifetime.

Our Watch - Workplace Equality and Respect

Our Watch’s new online resource for improving workplace equality and respect gives you guidelines and tools that you can use to make your workplace safer.

Time’s Up Now

Time’s Up Now is an organisation committed to ending workplace sexual harassment. Learn how to spot sexual harassment in the workplace and get some ideas for what you can do about it.

Women’s Legal Service Victoria

Women’s Legal Service Victoria provides expert legal advice and services to women experiencing harassment and violence.

Job Watch

Job Watch is an employment rights legal centre that provides assistance to workers in Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania.

Australian Council of Trade Unions

The Australian Council of Trade Unions is the peak body for Australian unions.

A film about gendered violence at work. What is looks like and how we all need to stand together to stop it and make our workplaces safe and respectful.

A video about workplace sexual harassment produced by Time’s Up Now. Narrated by Donald Glover and Rashida Jones. Produced by Blue Seat Studios. Time’s Up Now is a movement committed to addressing sexual harassment in workplaces.

Snow removal, ambulance transport and school performance -- with the strategy of gender mainstreaming, a gender perspective is applied to all kinds of services that we provide on behalf of our citizens. In a new film, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions shows how both citizens, municipalities and regions can benefit from gender equality.

Union women reveal the personal reasons they're fired up and fighting against discrimination and gendered violence at work.