Equal Pay

In 1969, Zelda D'Aprano was working for the Meat Workers Union at Trades Hall. 

I got a phone call from the secretary of the Insurance Staff Federation, Diane Sonnenberg. She asked me if I would come to a meeting of an organization called VEWOC, which stood for Victorian Employed Women’s Organizations’ Council. It was made up of the trade unions with female members. I went to the meeting. She was there but no-one else turned up. Not one other person. We started talking and she said that maybe we needed to chain ourselves up like the Suffragettes did. We laughed, but I thought about it and said I was prepared to do it. - Zelda, by Zelda D'Aprano Spinifex Press 1995

Watch Zelda tell her story of a lifelong commitment to Equal Pay.


We Volunteers

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