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World of Work Student Summit 2022

August 24, 2022 9am - 3pm

World of Work Student Summit 2022

Every year thousands of Victorian students enter the workforce for the first time. As they take their first steps as young workers it is vitally important they know what their rights at work are and are empowered to stand up with their coworkers to ensure they are safe at work and paid fairly. Along with this knowledge, the ability to organise and take collective action can enable young workers these students to enact real change in their own lives.  

That's why the Young Workers Centre is excited to invite Victorian students to a free and exciting one-day World of Work youth leadership summit on Wednesday 24th August, 2022!  

Click here to find out more and register your class/es or individual students.

Solidarity Hall, Victorian Trades Hall Council
54 Victoria St
Carlton, VIC 3053
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