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What do you mean, 'Closing the Loopholes'?

VISY workers in Shep hit the grass

AMWU members are downing tools, and plant operations will grind to a halt for the fourth time as EBA negotiations with Visy falter.

With an annual turnover of more than $7 billion, Visy is the largest privately-owned company in Australia, with its executive Anthony Pratt worth an estimated $14 billion. Yet, when it comes to the negotiation table, management cries poor, and the workers are fed up!

Forty workers have taken a number of stoppages over recent weeks, walking off the job at Visy’s Shepparton plant to protest the company’s latest pay offer of 8% over three years - or 2.6% annually.

Inflation over the twelve months to the December 2022 quarter rose 7.8% - meaning workers are able to buy less at the grocery store with their current wages. Of course, such concerns might seem awfully plebeian to Visy's executive and Australia's 3rd richest man, Anthony Pratt.   

If you're in Shepparton, swing by and show some support to these workers! Or send some solidarity to the workers on the AMWU facebook page