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Workers to campaign for sick pay, bad boss ban, career break at state poll

Over a hundred union volunteers will hit the hustings in mobilising community support around workplace issues in the lead up to the State Election.

Victorian Trades Hall Council Secretary Luke Hilakari said the campaign – run by local groups in eight battleground seats - aimed to keep workplace justice squarely in focus during the state election, with unionists mobilising around issues such as sick pay for casual workers and the lack of proper oversight of apprenticeships.

Unionists are campaigning on an ambitious agenda for improved worker welfare, organising support for:

  • Guaranteed sick pay for every worker
  • Looking after workers in the health system
  • A “career break” entitlement to be paid to workers every ten years
  • Family-friendly work arrangements, including provision for a four-day week
  • Workplace privacy and the “right to disconnect”
  • Free kindergarten, well-resourced public schools and world-class TAFE
  • Increased regulatory oversight of apprenticeships – banning bosses who break the law from hiring apprentices

Union members are urging their communities to support the candidates and parties that make commitments on these issues.

“What matters to Victorian workers is good jobs, healthcare we can count on, and quality education for our kids. We all deserve to know where the politicians stand on these issues.”

Mr Hilakari also emphasised that unions will oppose Matthew Guy’s Liberal Party at the coming elections. 

“We know that the Victorian Liberal Party have spent the last four years opposing every piece of legislation that improves rights for workers – wage theft laws, industrial manslaughter laws, labour hire licensing – they have no credibility on delivering for workers.”

“We’ll be telling our fellow Victorians that when it comes to your rights at work, you can’t trust this Guy”.

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