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Ventilation Workshop

March 01, 2022 4pm - 5:30pm

Ventilation Workshop

HSRs have been working tirelessly for the past two years to keep their workmates safe from COVID-19 in the workplace. Now is no exception: HSRs across Victoria are continuing to fight for workplaces that are safe from the threat of Omicron.

COVID-Safe workplaces have looked different at different stages of the pandemic and HSRs have been crucial to making sure COVID Safe plans and risk controls are being constantly updated to protect workers.

Ventilation is now considered one of the most important COVID controls in the workplace. Join the OHS Network for a workshop on ventilation at work - how you can assess whether your workplace is adequately ventilated and how you can use your HSR powers to push your employer to improve workplace ventilation.

We'll be joined by Meaghan Flack from the AEU, who will talk us through the fight for proper ventilation in schools and how HSRs can use their powers.

Like last time, HSRs will have a chance to put their heads together to discuss the ventilation issues in their workplace, and put together an action plan. If ventilation is something you're concerned about, come along and get input from fellow HSRs across Victoria.

Even if ventilation isn't something you're working on, come along to learn more and to share your ideas and advice.

Last time, we heard from HSRs that an hour wasn't enough, so we've added an extra 30 minutes to brainstorm and workshop together.

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Bridget Deane
[email protected]