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Talk to an educator

 1. Introduce yourself 

“Hi, I’m ____. I’m ____’s parent, but I’m also a worker and a member of my union.” 


2. Ask if they’ve heard about the walk off 


7 September is Early Childhood Education day, and educators across Australia have voted to protest about the problems in the sector like high workload, burnout, low pay, and a lack of respect for Early Childhood Education.  


That’s why this Early Childhood Educators Day, educators are going to SHUT DOWN THE SECTOR!  


We need to make sure the new Albanese Government listens to educators, to reform the sector for good.    


3. Tell them you support the walk off, and how you’ll be showing your support 


I really value Early Childhood Education and the work you guys do, so I’ll be keeping my child home on 7 September / I’ll be taking my child to the protest 


4. Ask them about their experience in ECE 


How has your experience been, working in Early Childhood Education? Are there things you want to improve about the sector? 


5. Ask them to commit to participating 


I can tell you care about these issues. Do you think you could join the campaign with other ECEs, and participate in the walk off on September 7? 


6. Have the sign-up website on your phone and ask the educator to sign up with your help. 

Whether or not the educator signs up, ask them to talk to their co-workers about it. Offer whatever other support you can provide – eg., writing an email to the centre manager to inform them you support the walkoff, talking to other parents.