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Safe Apprentices Petition

Safe Apprentices Petition

Why is this important?

During my apprenticeship I'd be working inside these barrels, no ventilation, no extraction fans, nothing. I'd have a p95 mask and I'd be in there for four hours, but within an hour the thing would be black and you couldn't breathe through it. I'd ask the boss for a new one and he would ask why I'd needed a new one.

Often there was no one supervising me and the boss wouldn't release me and the other apprentices so we could go to TAFE.

Unfortunately, my story isn't unique. It's become so bad that less than half of Victorian apprentices ever finish their training. This has to stop.

Sign my petition to call on the Victorian Government to fix the apprenticeship system and protect workers like me.

Ban Bad Bosses - We Need Safe Apprentices

Every Victorian is better off when we know our apprentices are safe, highly trained and ready to become the tradies we all rely on.

But right now it’s easier to hire an apprentice than to hire a car – and these are young lives and futures at stake.

That's why we're calling on the Victorian government to fix our apprenticeship system to stop cowboy operators who are putting apprentices at risk, and recognise good employers who are doing the right thing.