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What do you mean, 'Closing the Loopholes'?

Pipecon Rally

On Wednesday 24 August, Ballarat councillors awarded a $2 million contract to Pipecon Pty Ltd for a road reconstruction project.

This is the same Pipecon that was found culpable in the deaths of Charlie Howkins and Jack Brownlee, and is under investigation in the death of a third man, Leigh Suckling, in 2020.

Since that meeting, more than 1000 people have signed the petition asking Ballarat Council to reverse this terrible decision and apologise to the community. Now, we’re going to make a noise they can’t ignore!


6pm Wednesday 28 September Ballarat Town Hall

No level of government should be awarding contracts to companies that negligently cause the death of workers. It’s that simple. Let’s get together and make sure Ballarat councillors know just how upset and angry we are. Turn up, speak up, stand up!