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We Are Union VTHC
Phone bank script

Download a PDF here


Hi, is _______ there? ​
I’m (Mary), I’m (a retired teacher) volunteering with the (union campaign/yes campaign) for the Voice to Parliament. How are you tonight?​

Have you heard much about the referendum happening later this year?

What’s the latest you’ve heard about the referendum?

Explain the voice

I’m calling because within the next few months, all Australians will be voting on whether Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be recognised in our Constitution through a Voice to Parliament.

The idea for a Voice to Parliament stems from the very simple idea that everyone deserves a meaningful say over the issues that affect their daily lives. It will simply be a body of Aboriginal people, elected by Aboriginal people around the country, that gives advice to Parliament about issues impacting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Do you think that sounds fair?

Share why you’re supporting the Voice​

I’m volunteering to talk to people about this issue because…
“Because I want Australia to move towards healing with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”​
“Because it’s important to me that all Australians – Indigenous or non-Indigenous – have a say over the issues that affect us.”​
“Why wouldn’t we want to benefit from the wisdom of the world’s oldest living culture?”​
(Or your own reasons!)

Ask for commitment

You’re going to have the opportunity to have a vote in this referendum, and decide whether to recognise Aboriginal people in the constitution through a voice. I believe the Voice is a simple, practical step in the right direction and that we have a chance to be on the right side of history.

Are you willing to vote Yes?

Wrap up

I really appreciate you taking the time out to talk to me tonight about this important issue. We’ll be out campaigning every week right up to referendum day so hopefully you’ll see us around.

Have a great night!