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Gendered Violence at Work - video

Gendered Violence at Work - Unionists speak up

In this film, union members from all walks of life share their experiences of gendered violence at work. CFMEU member and traffic controller Madison was fired because she was a woman. MEAA member and sports journalist Marion was told by her boss that he wanted to r*pe her. ASU member and community health worker Janine experienced sexist discrimination when it came to job advancement. Former retail worker Lavanya was told that women had to stay on the cash registers and not stock shelves. ANMF member and nurse educator Simone shares multiple stories about the threats and harassment she's copped as a nurse.

CFMEU member carpenter Tim opens up about how he regularly calls out poor behaviour at work, and reflects on what has changed - and what hasn't. Hospo Voice activist and bartender Fonz talks about being sexually harassed by his female boss, and additional homophobic and transphobic behaviours are recounted by community legal service lawyer Sam, hardware worker/union organiser Pat, and meat worker/AMIEU member Dean. This film captures the gamut of how gendered violence can play out in the workplace, and makes a case for urgent, systemic change.

"If we don't name it for what it is, then we can't treat it as the occupational hazard that we need to."
- Simone, ANMF

"If we don't address misogyny in its raw forms, if we don't address racism, our union in the workplace will always be weak because they're the very tactics that employers use to divide the working class.... Collectively we'll win it. We can do it as one, through our union. We can do it through our safety laws, our discrimination laws, and we can achieve it. We already have achieved so much."
- Tim, CFMEU