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We Are Union VTHC
Digital Army Plannning Meeting

April 05, 2022 6pm - 7pm

Digital Army Plannning Meeting

Join us to create the strategy that will lead us to knocking down the alt-right and the Morrison government with them.

The digital army are ready to attack this election campaign and bring the conversation back to what matters most to working people in Australia. At this meeting we will be planning out our actions for April and the election campaign. Bring your enthusiasm and get involved in making a difference in this election.

If you haven't already joined the We Are Union digital campaign we are actively recruiting. All skill levels and abilities are welcome you just need an internet connection. 

Will you come?
Samiro Douglas Emily Castle Alison Hillier Elaine Keenan Mark Gambino David Fox Diane Arnold Gavin Scott Jenna Schofield Paul Hawthorne Theo Harper Jarred Armitage