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Matthew Guy to Derail Visionary SRL Project

Matthew Guy’s decision to abandon the Suburban Rail Loop is a massive mistake, that will hurt workers and families across suburban Melbourne.

This project, which would create 90km of new rail and connect every major line and the airport, shows exactly the kind of ambition we need to unclog our train network, revitalise our suburbs and help make our public transport system fit for another century.

It will slash commutes on all train lines and take pressure off our crowded freeways, meaning less time travelling to and from work and more time for workers to spend with their families.

Perhaps most importantly, it will create thousands of jobs for Victorians, both during construction and into the future.


Quotes attributable to Luke Hilakari, Secretary Victorian Trades Hall Council


“Matthew Guy throwing this visionary project away tells us one thing: he cares much more about getting himself through the next 100 days than getting Melbourne through the next 100 years.

“The suggestion that he would redirect these funds into health would be laughable if the record on Liberals and health in Victoria wasn’t so serious.

“This is the same party that sells off our hospitals, goes to war with our nurses and undermines public health experts at every turn. You can’t trust this Guy with Victoria’s health system.”

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