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Banner Painting: YWC @ International Women's Day

March 05, 2022 5pm - 7pm

Banner Painting: YWC @ International Women's Day

This banner making workshop is for young workers who want to create rally banners and signs ahead of the International Women's Day march which takes place just two days later.

Claudia from Honey Birdette has recently launched a petition calling on the new directors at Honey Birdette to end sexual harassment in their stores.

But Claudia is not content with sitting behind a computer and watching the petition signatures roll in, and rightly so. She's ready to take action on the streets and join women from across Victoria on International Women's Day to march for safety, respect and equality.

It's no march without banners and signs though and that's why, just two days out, we're hosting a workshop for young workers who want to get creative and paint placards and signs.

Join Claudia and other young workers on Saturday 5 March, 5pm at Trades Hall. We'll bring the paint, pens and signs!

Trades Hall
54 Victoria St
Carlton South, VIC 3053
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Bella Himmelreich
[email protected]