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We Are Union VTHC
2022 Federal Election

Politics isn't just about men in suits on the evening news.

Politics is the rights we have at work. Our wages. It's about healthcare that's accessible to everyone, great schools for our kids, our precious natural environment, and the world we live in. 

It's how we rebuild from the pandemic.

Politicians follow votes, which means they follow people. Together, we as workers campaigned to mobilised community support for the things that really matter. 

Workers in union fought tooth and nail for every scrap of pandemic assistance over the last 3 years; from JobKeeper and JobSeeker, to pandemic leave, to vaccine leave, to workplace protections. 

The Liberal Party led by Scott Morrison did not stand up to the collective, grassroots action of union members across Victoria.
He doesn't hold a hose and now he doesn't hold office as PM.

Workers in union are campaigned to get rid of Scott Morrison's terrible Liberal Government and won. We Are Union.