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What do you mean, 'Closing the Loopholes'?

Women's Rights at Work Conference 2023

In August 125 union women gathered in Solidarity Hall for conference to inspire and equip activists to win change in their workplaces. The agenda was jam-packed with revolutionary workplace ideas.

Among the topics:

  • Using new workplace laws introduced by State and Federal Labor governments to create safer, fairer workplaces for working women 
  • The role intimacy coordinators and intimacy safety guidelines play in actors’ safety on set
  • Organising workers in hospo around rights & safety. 
  • Early childhood educators campaigning to win fair wages and working conditions  
  • Closing the super pay gap
  • How women in union are advancing claims for reproductive health, menstruation and menopause health leave for workers
  • How to build class solidarity across race and gender divides 
  • How the women of Myanmar are fighting the oppression of the military junta
  • Eliminating pay secrecy provisions and gender pay inequality
  • Ending gender segregation of our workforces and ending the gender pay gap 

The conference also heard from the Hon. Natalie Hutchins, Minister for Women & Minister for Education (and the first woman to be elected Assistant Secretary of the Victorian Trades Hall Council!) and ACTU First Nations Educator and Kaurna woman Rachel Bos about the Voice to Parliament.