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What do you mean, 'Closing the Loopholes'?

Power to the people: public ownership in the public interest

Victorian Trades Hall Council has hailed the Victorian Government’s announcement of  state-owned renewable energy infrastructure. 

Quotes attributable to Luke Hilakari, Secretary, Victorian Trades Hall Council:

“Publicly owned power, built by a revived SEC, will stop the price gouging behaviour we saw from private energy providers in June this year and ensure Victorians’ energy needs are put ahead of the interests of multinational energy companies”.

“Privatisation of energy by Jeff Kennett in the 1990s was a massive mistake for Victorians. Thousands of workers lost their jobs while electricity prices have skyrocketed, failing to keep pace with our wages.”

“This has meant that each year our power bills are eating further into our family budgets.” 

“Cheaper, reliable, cleaner and publicly-owned is a future that Victorian workers support.”

“Having renewable energy infrastructure in majority public ownership is a good decision that Victorian workers will overwhelmingly support. It’s a big step toward reversing the privatisation of the Kennett years.”

“The next 10 years will see the rapid electrification of our economy. We will have a greater demand for energy. Public ownership, giving Victorians control over the future of our energy generation, should give great confidence to every household.” 

“60,000 new jobs is a massive announcement. What keeps us up at night is boardrooms in France and China making decisions about closing energy plants in Victoria with no discussion or care for energy workers.”

“We need energy jobs for energy workers in the Latrobe Valley. Setting up the SEC in Morwell to plan these future jobs is what we need right now.”

“This is the biggest announcement about our energy future since Jeff Kennett sold off our power. Today’s announcement is exactly what Victoria needs to secure our future jobs and to keep energy prices low.”