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HungryPanda - stop punishing delivery riders

Zhouying Wang is a delivery rider for HungryPanda and a Transport Workers Union (TWU) member, who bravely organised a protest against the company's worsening conditions.

In retaliation to Zhuoying's protest, HungryPanda stopped giving her delivery orders. This has left Zhuoying without a way to pay her rent and she has been relying on her housemates for food.

Delivery riders like Zhuoying Wang should not be punished for speaking out about bad pay and conditions. 

HungryPanda thought that punishing Zhuoying Wang with less work and less pay would silence her. They were wrong.

Zhuoying is determined to keep fighting and organising for better pay and safer working conditions for delivery riders, and so far nearly 4000 workers in Australia have said they'll stand beside her. 

Will you stand with Zhuoying by signing the petition asking HungryPanda to stop punishing its delivery riders?

P.S. If you have the means, can you contribute to Zhuoying's freeze out fund? All money will help support Zhuoying Wang as she continues to stand up to HungryPanda.

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