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Dunkley byelection

These are some of the awesome union activists who were out on booths in Dunkley over the weekend.

Union volunteers staffed 10 booths & ran 3 train stations and 3 street stalls in the final fortnight - all to make sure Dunkley didn't fall to the Liberals. 

Every seat in our federal parliament is precious - and Victorian unionists are committed to campaigning to make sure the politicians we send to Canberra don't vote against workers' interests. It's something we've been committed to since Victorian unionists elected the first working-class member of Parliament anywhere in a British colony.

And with supermarket duopolies and profit-gouging companies pushing the cost of living ever higher, working people in union are in need of support.

In Canberra, Peter Dutton and the Liberals have been obstructing important reforms that would benefit working-class people: cheaper medicine, higher wages, free tafe, job security, cheaper GP visits, better school funding and fairer tax changes. 

Local workers participating in their democracy? Sounds pretty fair to us. But of course Senator Jane Hume called union volunteers "menacing" (ah yes, that ol chestnut of calling workers thugs, vote winner every time). We reckon voters should be more scared about the army of clones the Liberals are apparently developing!

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