Young Workers Pilot Program Grants

Young workers need strong unions and strong unions need young workers- which is why we want to hear from you!

In a Young Workers Conference first, we’ve got three grants of $5000 each to make three young worker-focused program ideas into reality.

In order to be in the running, your project must:

  • Ideally be led by someone under the age of 30.
  • Be implemented by a member of a trade union.
  • Work to growing workplace rights and conditions of young people.
  • Grow the representation of young people in unions.
  • Grow the presence of unions in the minds of young people.
  • Embrace new ideas, technology, or methodology in growing the union movement.
  • Be something new, and look to achieve something the unions aren’t currently doing, rather than improving what we already do.
  • And the applicant for the grant will ideally be someone under the age of 30


  • The approval of each grant will be made by the ACTU Innovation and Growth Steering Committee.
  • The applicant for the grant must be a registrant and attendee of the Young Workers’ Conference.


To get your idea in running for one of these grants, send an overview of your pilot program in no more than 300 words to [email protected] by October 1 with the subject line “Young Workers Conference Grant Application”.

Don’t worry too much about the detail – Keep it simple! Anyone should be able to understand your pitch and see the value in it!


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