Volunteer Profile

We’d like to introduce three of our fantastic volunteers and tell you about what motivates them to work on the We Are Union campaign.



Jenny started out as a nursing student at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Since then she has been dedicated to looking after the community, inside and outside the hospital. While volunteering in the We Are Union campaign, she’s found an atmosphere of inclusiveness has kept her coming backEveryone’s friendly and it’s great to meet like-minded people. She’s really enjoyed employing the people skills she’s gained as a nurse to help get people engaged.


Greg has fought for worker’s rights since Whitlam and he doesn’t want to see us let go of the hard-earned gains we’ve made since then. "We have to be proactive if we don’t want Australia to slide back into conservatism. That’s the problem of our time, we have to keep the ball rolling." He wants to see more of his peers getting the younger generations in, giving them a sense of the passion of the 70s and instilling them with a much needed urgency that if we don’t fight for our rights, we’ll lose them.


Lorie is a business owner and a staunch unionist. A member of the ASU, her message is:  unions have gotten us the rights we have today, we have to support them. In her own volunteering she’s found it satisfying helping people make the leap from believing in progressive ideals to acting upon those beliefs. She’s met a lot of lovely people volunteering and has even been surprised to bump into people she already knows. Like Jenny, she reckons it’s inspiring to be part of a group of like-minded people and loves seeing where they’ve come from and their reasons for action.

We Are Union is a movement of volunteers. If you can join Greg, Jenny and Lorie in some volunteer activities, sign up here

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We Are Union. We are a movement of people standing together for a just and equitable Victoria where:

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  • all working people are organised, safe, and winning at work

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