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We Are Union VTHC
YES! events

OK! Enter the details for your event here, so other volunteers can search for it!

We recommend:

  • A "street stall" - you stand somewhere with a lot of foot traffic in your neighbourhood,
    like outside a supermarket. You ask passers-by to pledge their vote!
  • A train station handout - you hand out flyers at a train station at a peak time.

Please note we'll do our best to moderate these events but we sometimes get spam -
if in doubt, get in touch with [email protected]

Remember to schedule your event at least a week away if you don't yet have your activist pack!
You can pick up everything you need from Trades Hall (M-F, 8.30-5pm) or order your kit in our shop

After you click "Host your own event" you'll be prompted to log in.
You can create an account and sign in with facebook, twitter, or by email.

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