Statement regarding Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) and the Webb Dock Community Assembly

Victorian Trades Hall Council Secretary Luke Hilakari was served with legal documents relating to VICT’s actions at Webb Dock, at his family home on Saturday afternoon. This is the first time any Secretary of Trades Hall has ever been directly targeted in such a hostile manner.

This is a severe and unprecedented escalation by VICT, who have attempted to intimidate not just Trades Hall but all Australian working people through this extreme action. 

VICT parent company International Container Terminal Services (ICTSI) is notorious for union busting and extreme anti-worker tactics in developing countries, and it looks like they are now exporting this business model to Australia.

Slashing workers’ wages to levels far below Australian industry standards and the deliberate targeting of union members at work is not acceptable behaviour in Australia. VICT management and directors should be ashamed to be involved with such a company.

It should not be illegal for working people to support each other.

Working people around the country are struggling to put food on the table and presents under the tree this Christmas, because the Turnbull Government and corporations like VICT would rather stand on the necks of Australian workers than start fixing our unbalanced economy and broken workplace laws.

Questions that need answering in relation to this action on behalf of VICT include:

  • By what underhanded means did VICT representatives discover the private address of Mr Hilakari’s family home?
  • What motivated VICT to serve documents on Mr Hilakari at his family home on the weekend, rather than at his office at Victorian Trades Hall?

Not only is such a blatant act of attempted intimidation entirely unnecessary, but it will not work. Unionists and community members have rallied around Mr Hilakari, appalled by VICT’s heavy-handed, anti-worker tactics.

This is yet another example of workplace laws that are rigged against working people. Big corporations wield far too much power and every day it gets harder and harder for normal working people to stand up for a fair go. The rules are broken and need to be changed. Together, working people will change them.


Please note: as this matter is currently before the courts, no further comment will be made by Luke Hilakari or Victorian Trades Hall Council at this stage. 

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