Trades Hall Secretary calls for removal of monarchy from Victorian institutions

Luke Hilakari, Victorian Trades Hall Council Secretary, has called for a significant change in Victoria to lead the way toward a republic.

Mr Hilakari is calling for:

  • Changes to the Constitution Act 1975, to remove all references to the monarchy
  • The removal of the crown from Victoria’s official badge and coat of arms
  • A new flag for Victoria, that removes both the crown and the Union Jack which feature on the current design
  • The modernisation of state parliamentary rituals to remove references to the monarchy.

Most significantly, Mr Hilakari has also called for Parliament to look at options for a democratically appointed head of government to replace the role currently held by the Governor of Victoria. In Victoria this change, though substantial, can be made in parliament by the legislature through changes to the Constitution Act 1975, rather than through a referendum of other mechanism.

Quotes attributable to Luke Hilakari:

“In 1999 Victoria led the way as the state with the highest ‘yes’ vote in favour of becoming a republic. We can lead again, by starting to dismantle the monarchy in our own state while we wait for the rest of Australia to catch up.”

“Victoria has always been the home of progressive reform. From the start of a more representative democracy after Eureka, to the 8 hour day, minimum wage and fights against conscription, Australia has always relied on Victorians to lead the fight for fairness and decency. The push toward a republic should be no exception.”

“We need practical action to show that change is not only possible but inevitable.”

“Why wait for Malcolm Turnbull to grow a spine and start fighting for an Australian head of state, when we can get the ball rolling right here at home?”

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