Victorian Trades Hall Council statement on requirement for all authorised workers to be vaccinated

The health and safety of Victorian workers is our number one priority. Right now we’re seeing a surge in cases that is going to affect people in all workplaces, but in particular this surge is going to put our health workers and other front-line workers at risk.

Getting vaccinated is about keeping those workers safe and protecting everyone in your workplace and in your community, the people you love.

The CHO has indicated that in order for our workplaces to be safe, authorised workers are going to need to get vaccinated before returning to work. Employers need to support their workforce to get vaccinated. That should include paid time off to get vaccinated so that every worker has the opportunity to get vaccinated before the CHO’s 15 October deadline. Employers should also provide additional paid leave for the small minority of workers who may experience any vaccine side effects.

No worker should lose their income because the Federal Government didn’t order enough vaccines. There must be safety nets in place for any worker who has difficulty accessing a vaccine in time and job protections for any workers who may have genuine medical reasons they cannot get vaccinated.

Finally, COVID Safe Plans for workplaces and other OHS controls must not be reduced by employers under the cover of vaccinations. These workplace plans must continue. It is an important defence against the spread of the virus.

We encourage every single Victorian worker to show solidarity with our health workers and our frontline workers, by getting vaccinated and continuing COVID-Safe behaviours.” You can book your vaccine by calling the COVID-19 hotline 1800 675 398.

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