Street Stall - Asking voters to pledge & boycott Chemist Warehouse


Lets ask shoppers and voters to Boycott local Chemist Warehouse stores in support of the workers 

Chemist Warehouse are relying on broken rules to keep their workers in insecure work with low pay.

  • Workers are paid 25% below the industry standard despite its record profits.
  • About 70% of staff in distribution warehouses are labour hire casuals.
  • Many workers who have years of experience with the company are made to rely on daily text messages, sometimes as late as 10pm, to confirm if they have a shift the following day.
  • Being placed on unpaid standby for days or weeks on end is also common.
  • The workplace culture is toxic, with many facing bullying, intimidation and sexual harassment.
  • Therefore, workers are afraid to speak out for fear of losing shifts.

The Federal Liberal Government is backing up their big business mates, like Chemist Warehouse, every single time.

We need to change the rules to tip the balance back in favour of working people. We do this by kicking out the Morrison Liberal Government.

Can you join us to:

  • Ask shoppers if they have heard about how Chemist Warehouse is treating it’s workers
  • Tell them about the Chemist Warehouse dispute and ask them to boycott Chemist Warehouse
  • Ask them to sign the secure jobs and fair pay pledge



March 29, 2019 at 11:00am - 12:30pm
Meet at Geelong Trades Hall
Melissa Cadwell · · 0401743742

Will you come?

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