Each of these pairs of shoes represents a Victorian killed in a workplace since April 28 last year. 20 too many.

Posted by Victorian Trades Hall Council on Monday, 27 April 2015


Each and every day of the year, workplace accidents kill more than 1,000 workers.  And diseases related to working conditions add more than 5,330 to this death toll every day.

In Victoria alone, 20 workers have been killed in just 12 months. 

Workers Memorial Day is our day to Remember the Dead, & Fight for the Living.

Remember the dead: In recognition of the lives lost at Victorian workplaces, and in solidarity with workers around the world, we ask you to put out a pair of work shoes at your home or workplace, and share a photo online tagged #standforsafety

Fight for the living: This is an important opportunity to talk to your colleagues about workplace safety. So join together to discuss how to improve safety at your workplace. 

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