Silencing Act before upper house

On Tuesday 18 Feb, nearly 4000 protesters like you took to the streets to stop Napthine's Silencing Act. 

When the amendments were debated in Parliament, a number of Labor MPs spoke passionately against the bill, and have promised to repeal Napthine's Silencing Act if elected. 

With Napthine's Liberals controlling the upper house, Napthine's Silencing Act is likely to pass the legislative council next week, but there are still 3 things you can do to stop Victoria being silenced for good!

Write to one of these Liberal members of the legislative council

telling them why you oppose Napthine's Silencing Act. These Liberal MPs are likely to vote in favour of the bill - they should be accountable to you for their actions

List of Liberal MPs in the legislative council

Thank one of the MPs who spoke against the bill

and let the Labor party know that repealing the bill has popular support. 

Join our campaign against the Liberal Party

so that the next Victorian Government can repeal Napthine's Silencing Act!

WE ARE UNION is progressives of all stripes working together to get rid of the Liberal Government.

We Volunteers

We Are Union. We are a movement of people standing together for a just and equitable Victoria where:

  • all people are respected and valued, 
  • all working people are organised, safe, and winning at work

We organise our communities to build support for union, industrial, and social campaigns, and we're excited to have you on board.