Insecure work is Toxic and Trades Hall welcomes the Andrews Government’s pilot scheme to start tackling this cancer

Victorian Trades Hall Council has welcomed the Victorian Government’s announcement of a Secure Work Pilot Scheme providing up to 5 days pay due to illness or the need to take leave from work to care for a loved one.  


Quotes attributable, Luke Hilakari Secretary Victorian Trades Hall Council 

“The stress and the fear of knowing you’re one bad flu away from being unable to pay your rent is just something no Victorian should live with”. 

“Every Victorian worker should have paid sick leave.” 

“Covid-19 laid bare the problems workers have been pointing to for years; insecure work is toxic and forces people on marginal incomes to make terrible choices. Do workers go to work sick to pay the bills, or do they risk their job by staying at home?”  

“Even without a pandemic many casuals workers go to work sick, because they feel they have no choice. This is terrible for the worker and is also terrible for the business, when casuals pass their cold or flu on to other staff. 

“Sick workers attending work is a cost to business. Workers having a sick leave entitlement may result in a major lift in workplace productivity with more workplaces staying healthy. 

Victoria is the first State Government to show leadership in piloting practical solutions to disincentivise insecure work.” 

“We welcome the Andrews Government’s recognition that casuals need an urgent intervention of support, particularly around access to sick leave. This 5 day pilot scheme is the first step to securing sick leave rights for all Victorian workers” 

“Just like the introduction of wage theft laws and labour hire laws, it has been up to the states to show leadership while Prime Minister Morrison is forced to play catch up. 

“It is beyond time that this nation had laws to ensure that every single worker was entitled to take sick leave. 

“It is time for the Morrison Government to legislate to end the scourge of insecure work.” 

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