Rail procurement decision will change lives, give hope to young Victorians

12 September 2016

Victorian Trades Hall Council has welcomed the Andrews Government’s order of 65 new trains to be built in Victoria, using local materials and skills.

 The decision will provide employment for 1,100 Victorians, and further develop Victoria’s manufacturing skill base.


Victorian unions have long campaigned for local procurement commitments from Government, to maximise local employment benefits from large Government projects.  


Quotes attributable to Luke Hilakari, Secretary of Victorian Trades Hall Council:

“The Victorian Government has shown today that they are committed to Victorian jobs and Victorian skills.”


“We’ve got youth unemployment at 13.1% in Victoria. We have to provide training and employment opportunities for our young people, or risk escalating social problems and disengagement. Victorian apprentices, trainees and cadets are going to be given opportunities to start a career through this contract, and that’s going to set them on the right path to a better life.”


 “The decision will also support the transition of automotive manufacturing workers into new jobs, following the Federal Liberal Government’s decision to abandon the automotive manufacturing industry.”


 “The contrast between the Victorian Labor Government and the NSW Liberal Government could not be more stark: Premier Andrews has decided to back-in our local talent, while the Liberals under Premier Baird will send jobs overseas to South Korea, leaving local workers to live in insecurity”.


“Ordinary Victorians understand that investing in local content is smart. We want to see our taxes develop our local industries, and stimulate our local economy. We do not want to see our taxes go overseas”.


“The community of Pakenham East is going to be a big winner out of this decision, with 100 new secure, ongoing jobs in a new maintenance and stabling depot. These are jobs that people can count on – not just a few weeks of work. That makes a huge difference to people’s lives.”



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