Stop Napthine using Reproductive rights for political leverage

Denis Napthine is helping ex-Liberal MP Geoff Shaw draft legislation to overhaul Victoria's abortion laws and undermine Victorian women's right to choose, all so he can cling to government.

The rogue MP's radical views are being supported by the Napthine government in exchange for Mr Shaw's balance-of-power vote in Parliament.

From the Australian today: "The abortion correspondence is the missing link between the government's negotiations with Mr Shaw and its attempts to ensure the former Liberal MP continued to vote with the Coalition."

Enough is enough! Premier Napthine is so reliant on Geoff Shaw's vote that he is allowing a fringe opinion to drive the government's legislative agenda.


It is time to tell Premier Napthine to make a choice. He can govern for Geoff Shaw, or he can govern for all Victorians.

Take the pledge: Tell Dr Napthine you won't vote for a government that puts our reproductive rights in the hands of one fringe MP. 

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