People power versus the big-end-of-town

Over the weekend, newspapers reported that the Victorian Liberal party were accepting “potentially corrupt donations” that exploited legal loopholes to hide donor names.

Liberal party director Damien Mantach was reported as saying:

“Now, if someone wanted to give, let’s say a $20,000 donation and they want to do it anonymously, well at the moment it would have to be disclosed,’’ he said. “But, for example, we have a lot of people who give us a donation for $10,000 on the 30th of June and a $10,000 (donation) on the first of July and they fall under the disclosure limit.’’ [1]

This shows the kind of political campaign that working people in Victoria face: A Liberal party seeking to buy the election by exploiting loopholes to allow anonymous donations from wealthy individuals or corporations.

Every worker in Victoria has been let down by the Napthine government.

For the last eight months, We Are Union has worked to build a people-powered campaign. Our goal is simple: to give working people, their families and communities an independent voice. This means we need a state government that will make workers and their issues their top priority.

We Are Union is funded entirely by working people trying to make a positive impact for our community; through dues and donations. We don’t accept corporate cash. Donations we receive from individuals averages just $39. A far cry from the $20,000 that the Liberal party is trying to hide.

When you donate to We Are Union, you are directly supporting our work to build an independent union voice that puts issues important to workers on the agenda.

Since last year, We Are Union has built up a movement of over 1700 volunteers and 20,000 supporters. We have spoken to tens of thousands of people about important issues like jobs, emergency services, hospital beds, schools and TAFEs.

We can’t let the Liberal party and the big-end-of-town buy this election.

That’s why we’re not just asking for you to volunteer, but also to donate.

A donation of $25 can demonstrate that people-power has the strength to beat the Napthine and his mates in the big-end-of-town. Every dollar donated builds momentum and goes directly to our efforts leading up to November.

This campaign is funded by the contributions of ordinary union members through union dues. We value each and every union members’ contribution, and respect that for many union members this is the contribution they wish to make. Equally, many union members and retired members have contacted our campaign to ask how they can contribute beyond their dues, whether through volunteering or donating.

[1] John Ferguson, “Liberal fears on secret donor business”, The Australian, http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/liberal-fears-on-secret-donor-business/story-fn59niix-1227002009926

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