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Pandemic Support

Pandemic Support

Working women need pandemic support:

  • Free, universal early childhood education/care and fully funded kindergarten for 3 and 4-year-olds.
  • JobKeeper to remain in place and expanded to cover all workers.
  • Two weeks paid pandemic leave for every worker who is required to be tested and/or go into quarantine/isolation or to care for someone in quarantine/isolation.
  • Flexible working arrangements that mean parents can adjust and/or reduce their hours and/or workload to care for children and oversee remote schooling without any loss of pay or conditions.
  • Four weeks special paid carer’s leave for every worker who is unable to work due to pandemic related caring responsibilities (this applies to situations other than caring for someone in quarantine/isolation, where pandemic leave should apply).
  • Reimbursements for low paid workers who have withdrawn superannuation to pay household expenses.
  • A safe alternative workspace and appropriate adjustments to work hours/arrangements for any worker who discloses they are experiencing family violence, including whilst working from home.
  • A liveable income for any woman not working during the pandemic.
    Government pandemic recovery planning/expenditure to include:
    - Significant investment into social infrastructure including health and community services.
    - Significant investment in female dominated sectors such as tourism, hospitality, retail and the arts.
    - Targeted support for women to train for roles across all sectors receiving public funds.
    - A preference for safe, secure employment.


  • Those who are working on the front line doing the vital work that sustains our community.
  • Those who are working their paid job and doing the additional work of caring for kids at home and assisting remote learning.
  • Those whose jobs have been terminated, as female dominated sectors like hospitality and retail shut down and workers are laid off.
  • Those who have lost or have no income because they are excluded from JobKeeper.
  • Those who are experiencing family violence in lockdown where their home may also now be their place of paid work.

As we deal with this ongoing pandemic, we must ensure that women are not unfairly burdened with the impact of the crisis and are recognised as integral to our planning for recovery.

WE CALL ON GOVERNMENT AND EMPLOYERS to work with trade unions to implement urgent measures to address the needs of working women to ensure they are safe, respected and equal during this pandemic and going forward into our recovery.