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OHS Training Unit

High-quality training that is practical, solution-focused and WorkSafe approved.

HSRs Right to Training
When workers are elected as health and safety representatives (HSRs) or deputies for their designated work groups (DWGs), it is important that they be trained so that they are able to be able to carry out their role and functions. VTHC recommends that HSRs and deputies attend a training course as soon as possible after they have been elected, as this will give them the tools to confidently represent their fellow members.

Under Victorian legislation, once a worker has been elected as the health and safety representative for their DWG, that person is entitled to exercise all the powers and rights of reps under the OHS Act (More information on the powers and rights of elected reps and their role). That is, even if an elected OHS Rep has not attended training, that person still has the right to represent their DWG, raise issues with their employer, and if necessary, issue PINs, Cease Works, and so on.

For a full run down of HSR training entitlements click here.

  • “A highly fun and educational week.” 
    - Alex, Customer Service
  • “A really well thought out course that had an excellent facilitator. Looking forward to the refresher” 
    - Em, Office Co-Ordinator
  • “Very informal, easy to understand. I took back so much information to make my position as a more informed HSR more enjoyable.” 
    - Karen, Confectioner

Courses offered:

5 Day Training Course for Elected HSRs & Deputy HSRs under the Victorian OHS Act 2004.
Yearly, 1 Day HSR Refresher OHS Training Course for HSRs and Deputy HSRs who have completed the 5 Day HSR Initial OHS Training Course to keep their knowledge of OHS law and practice up-to-date.
1 Day HSR Refresher OHS Training Course focusing on Work-related gendered violence, including sexual harassment.
Tailored HSR Initial & Refresher OHS Training Courses for workers in the education sector, from early childhood education through to tertiary. 5 Day HSR Initial OHS Training OR 1 Day HSR Refresher OHS Training.
A 2 Day course providing an overview for managers, supervisors and committee members regarding their responsibilities in relation to all OHS matters (though not a replacement for the 5 Day HSR Initial OHS Training Course).
VTHC is authorised to deliver the 5 Day HSR Comcare Initial Training Course and the 1 Day HSR Comcare Refresher Training Course under the auspices of the Australian Council of Trade Unions. The Comcare Training Courses are for elected HSRs and Deputy HSRs.
We provide training that focuses on eradicating gendered violence from the workplace.