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Occupational Violence & Aggression Webinar and Workshop

April 05, 2022 4pm - 5:30pm

Occupational Violence & Aggression Webinar and Workshop

Anyone can experience occupational violence & aggression (OVA) in their workplace. OVA can come in all forms from name-calling to physical acts of violence. Each instance of OVA can have a massive impact on the people involved.

HSRs like you fight for safer workplaces every day. 

Join our OHS Network for a webinar and workshop on occupational violence & aggression. 

We'll be joined by Kathy Chrisfield, OHS Unit Coordinator at the ANMF, who will talk to us about the ANMF's campaign to better address OVA in the healthcare industry and the lessons they learned. At the end of the webinar, we will have a workshop session for HSRs to consider how they can use their HSR powers to create a safer workplace.

Come along to learn more and to share your ideas and advice.

These workshops are a great way to share your knowledge, widen your impact, and work with other HSRs to make workplaces across Victoria safer.


Melbourne, VIC
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