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Organise for Equality

What is Organise for Equality?

We are building a movement, and that will take a lot of work from everybody.

To make real change - the kind of change that can’t be swept under the rug when the news cycle moves on - we need distributed, organised women campaigning together.

Distributed organising activates a network of self-starting supporters/campaigners in multiple locations, which can spread across geographical boundaries, interests and cultural groups. It draws on the initiative and energy of volunteer organisers to start groups and lead teams.

That is, we’re setting up chapters. In Australia’s early feminist circles we had “consciousness raising” meetings, where women would come together face to face to share their experiences, be truly heard and take action together. These days our meetings might have to be over zoom, but they’ll be no less meaningful.

We have the resources to skill up activists to lead their own chapter of women, taking action in a multitude of ways. And we have the people - union activists on the front lines.

Through this distributed model, we tap the talents and the experiences of a broader diversity of activists than can usually be engaged through centralised, in-person campaigning. Women with caring responsibilities, women in regional areas, women who work shift work or who speak languages other than English. Our activists can organise their communities with cultural sensitivity, in ways that are accessible and make sense. They can run actions on their terms. Our diversity is our strength. Our solidarity is our power.

The idea of activists taking charge of their own tactics might sound chaotic, but we are united by a single vision and a shared DNA.

Because our diversity is our strength - we welcome women of all age, size, colour,

race, sexuality, identity, religion and culture. We include all women, cis and trans and we recognise the many non-binary folx who share our experiences.

If you’re not about equality for all women, and if you’re not interested in organising our workplaces and our economy to value all women, Organise for Equality is not for you.

We need you. Here’s how you get involved.

• Join the call - “Join the call” meetings are a chance to hear exactly what we’re on about. We take you through the bones of our strategy, so you can make a decision about signing up.

• Sign on to the campaign - If you like what you hear, you join the campaign.

• Get some support and resources - We talk to you 1:1 to get a feel for what you’ll need, and how we can support you. We hook you up with training and materials.

• Get active - We’ll loop you in with other activists like you, to start making change in the world.

• Connect back - We keep you in touch with the central campaign and with other chapters, so that we’re all supporting each other & pulling together

So, what are you waiting for? Get involved.


20 Aug
10am -
Try a Trade Day for women interested in Carpentry and Painting...
Taylors Hill Men's Shed
7-17 Morton Blvd, Taylors Hill, VIC 3037, Australia,
21 Oct
Get connected, skilled-up and informed. Share your knowledge, skills, and ideas...