Melbourne Metro - the private company that owns Melbourne's rail network - care more about making profits than making our public transport system safe and reliable.

Every day, thousands of Victorians rely on our train services to get to where we need to go – and then home safe to our families and communities. We rely on the people who drive our trains, the station staff who keep us informed, and even the train signallers who keep our network running smoothly. They’re the people who keep Metro trains running, and they deserve a fair deal.

But right now, Metro trains – the multinational company that runs our network – is trying to force Metro staff to accept unfair conditions that will weaken our train services and put safety at risk. They’ve hired high-priced lawyers to drag workers through the courts, and prevent them standing up together for fair pay and conditions.

Metro made a record $55 million profit, but failed to meet performance targets every single month of 2019.

Metro want to strip away working conditions including rostering and shift work provisions, less security at work, and are refusing to take action on sexual harassment and gendered violence in the male dominated transport industry.

Metro can and should do better. Metro workers are trying to hold the CEO and company directors to account, and stand up for the quality and safety of our train network. Support metro workers standing up against corporate greed - add your name to their petition here!

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