Are Tony Abbott's cuts to health & education getting you down?

Is Joe Hockey calling you a fraud just for accessing parental leave?

Are you sick of attacks on our jobs, our rights at work, and our communities?

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We Are Union is a campaign to amplify union members' voices. So if you send us a picture of yourself (or you and your colleagues), and a comment about why you're angry, we'll send it back as an image you can share on facebook!

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The workers united shall never be defeated.

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That's right Ted.


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The only job Abbott cares about is his own.

Unemployment keeps going up under the Liberals, and now they're punishing young people who can't get a job. It's just not right.

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Damn right James.


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We Volunteers

We Are Union. We are a movement of people standing together for a just and equitable Victoria where:

  • all people are respected and valued, 
  • all working people are organised, safe, and winning at work

We organise our communities to build support for union, industrial, and social campaigns, and we're excited to have you on board.