Madigan & Muir - stand up for conditions that won't melt!

Tony Abbott is trying to make changes to the Fair Work Act that are the first step in his plan to bring in Workchoices style laws which will reduce our standard of living by taking away our rights at work.

Tony Abbott wants to:

  • Put you onto individual contracts that can take away penalty rates and cut take home pay
  • Allow you to be paid with something other than money
  • Make it easier for bad employers by having you sign away your right to compensation
  • Take away your right to strike by allowing bad bosses to veto industrial action
  • Make it harder for you to be supported by your union at work
  • Move Australia towards an American style system of low wages and zero conditions

We cannot let him win!

These attacks on our rights are before the Senate now.

There are two Victorian Senators who can vote to block the legislation. 

Workers need to show Senators Madigan and Muir that we don’t want them to support changes that would leave us worse off.

Update: Senator Madigan has listened, and he won't support the legislation! Send your letters to Ricky Muir!

Take Action

Write a letter (or print off this letter & fill in your details), and send a copy to each of:

Electorate Office & postal address: 17 Albert Street, Ballarat, Vic, 3350

4 Treasury Place, Melbourne, Vic, 3002



We're aiming for these two senators to receive over 1000 letters before they vote on the legislation. 

Hurry! You only have until Wednesday 17 September to put your letter in the mail!

Once you've sent your letter, SHARE this page on social media using the buttons below.

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