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kensmith_web.jpgKen Smith thinks that your views are illigitimate. He says you need to get a job. He says we paid you to protest.

The 4000 people who took to the streets to defend our protest rights on Tuesday 18 Feb are everyday Victorians, worthy of this government's respect. No matter whether you're a student, a carer, a teacher, a sparky, or a proud union member, your voice matters! 

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    As a pensioner I join the protests to express my disapproval of people like yourself who have probably never done a days hard work in your life and then try strip the rights of people who do or have done so. As to your accusations I have not received a cent for helping organise and taking part in these protests. Because of my physical disabilities my reward is the satisfaction of knowing I’ve been able to make people aware of the failings of Coalition governments and the fact that if they weren’t in a coalition they would rarely win an election.
  • commented 2014-10-13 16:08:06 +1100
    I’m a Paramedic and union State Councillor. That does not mean I’m left wing or communist. It means I am willing to fight for a fair days pay for a hard days work in a tough and under appreciated industry. protesting against government decisions or lack thereof that negatively affect my ability to perform my job and earn a liveable income from it is hardly detrimental to anyone and is a traditional method of being heard in a civilised society.

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