Workplace health and safety reps applaud Daniel Andrews’ commitment to Industrial Manslaughter legislation

The Victorian Trades Hall Council has applauded Daniel Andrews’ commitment to Industrial Manslaughter legislation as a giant leap towards justice for the families of workers killed by unsafe workplace practices.

The laws announced by Labor today would ensure that when a company’s negligence kills a worker, those responsible could be held criminally responsible and face punishment. At present, even companies found guilty of serious negligence only face fines.

Quotes attributable: Luke Hilakari, Victorian Trades Hall Council

 “Right now, business is treating the injuries and deaths of Victorian workers as just a cost of doing business.”

“But when a worker dies, more than just one life is destroyed. Entire families and communities are torn apart, and workmates carry the trauma for the rest of their lives. That is the true cost of neglecting workers’ safety concerns. It is fundamentally unjust that those in charge just pay a fine and move on.”

“Industrial manslaughter laws will mean those responsible for workplace deaths can be held accountable, and ultimately that will mean workers’ safety concerns carry greater weight. That will have a huge impact on safety.”

 “We welcome this announcement from Daniel Andrews. Industrial manslaughter laws will make Victorian workplaces safer for everyone.”

“Nobody should die at work. These laws signal that workers’ lives can’t just be written off on a balance sheet in Victoria.

“We call on Matthew Guy to match the Labor Party’s commitment and support Industrial Manslaughter legislation”

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