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HSR Refresher OHS Training Course

HSR Refresher OHS Training Course

Under the OHS Act 2004 (Section 67), all elected HSRs and Deputy HSRs, after completing a 5 Day HSR Initial OHS Training Course, have an entitlement for each year they hold office to attend a WorkSafe Victoria-approved 1 Day HSR Refresher OHS Training Course at least once in each year.  An employer, if requested, must allow the HSR/DHSR to attend on paid time, pay the cost of the course and any other associated costs.  Section 67 also allows HSRs and DHSRs to choose the course, in consultation with their employer. 

This interactive training course approved by WorkSafe includes relevant case studies and activities and aims to provide HSRs and DHSRs with the confidence, skills and knowledge to represent their co-workers (ie. their designated work group) when raising health and safety concerns in the workplace.  It provides participants an opportunity to revisit aspects of the HSR Initial OHS Training Course.

The HSR Refresher OHS Training Course covers:

  • Session 1 - covers legislative update on the Victorian OHS 2004 Act, OHS Regulations 2017, WorkSafe compliance codes and guides.
  • Session 2 - covers consultation, communication, problem solving.
  • Sessions 3 & 4 - covers hazard identification and control with either manual handling, work-related stress, incident investigation or hazard mapping.


Course hours: 9am - 5pm
Course length: 1 day
Course fee: $350 incl. GST (Metro and Regional).

PLEASE NOTE:  From 1 January 2024, course fees will increase to $380 incl. GST (Metro and Regional).

Courses require a minimum of 12 participants to proceed.  In the unlikely event that courses do not meet this requirement, those enrolled will be contacted to re-schedule.


2023 Location Availability
13 December Carlton Available
29 January  Carlton Available
15 February Carlton  Available
28 February  Carlton Available
5 March Carlton Available
7 March - Education Sector AEU, Abbotsford Available
13 March Narre Warren Available
* 13 March - Work-Related Gendered Violence Carlton Available
25 March Carlton Available
5 April Carlton Available
22 April Carlton Available
24 April Ringwood Available
29 April Geelong Available
* 23 May - Work-Related Gendered Violence Narre Warren Available
24 May - Education Sector AEU, Abbotsford Available
27 May  Carlton Available
29 May Bendigo Available
30 May Ringwood Available
31 May Narre Warren Available
5 June Carlton Available
26 June Ballarat Available
28 June  Carlton Available

NB: if a course is marked as 'Full', it will not appear on the enrolment page.
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