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Embrace Diversity


One of the greatest strengths of the union movement in Victoria is its sheer diversity. Not only do we work in a huge range of different jobs, but we also come from countries all over the world, and have our own religions, language and cultural identities to celebrate. We should never take this for granted. 

The media has painted a very two-dimensional picture of what unionists look like - the aim of this campaign is embrace the diversity of our union members, and to celebrate it. These large, concert style posters will go up all around Melbourne - but we need your help to pay for them. Each $10 donation will pay for printing and distribution of one poster.

$1,000.00 raised (GOAL: $2,000.00)
Contributions are tax deductible.

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We Volunteers

We Are Union. We are a movement of people standing together for a just and equitable Victoria where:

  • all people are respected and valued, 
  • all working people are organised, safe, and winning at work

We organise our communities to build support for union, industrial, and social campaigns, and we're excited to have you on board.