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We Are Union VTHC
We have a world to win!

Stronger together. Donate now.

Right now, workers are under attack from dodgy bosses, big business, and greedy billionaires who steal wages from workers, provide unsafe workplaces and cut pay and conditions.

Union members are standing up and fighting back to stop bosses from taking advantage of workers and campaigning to improve the lives of workers.

A donation to the We Are Union fighting fund will help power our campaigns that fight for the rights of workers’ and improve the lives of working Victorians.

Donations over $1000 will be commemorated with a plaque on a chair in Solidarity Hall. 

VTHC's Fundraising Organiser will be in touch to confirm a name and message for the plaque, and preferred placement within the hall.

Contact Cassie Johnson, VTHC's Fundraising Organiser, at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding donations.

Solidarity forever, comrades.