Digital Content meeting - 9th June (Zoom)

We are on Zoom again. lucky there is a lot of work to be done online right now. 

We know that we are not going to see social media giants take action against the misinformation that is spreading on their platforms so we need to ensure that we take the fight where it is being fought. Workers rights, healthcare and education are central to our beliefs and are worth fighting for.

We're gonna jump on Zoom and keep battling against the worst and most cynical groups online.

Want to take the fight to the alt-right online? RSVP below! 

June 09, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8pm
Paul Hawthorne Andrew Pawsey Jess Herne Nicholas Bevan

Who's RSVPing

Paul Hawthorne
Andrew Pawsey
Jess Herne
Nicholas Bevan

Will you come?

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